Women in this time need support for bringing on the best ability. For bringing up the positive attribution along with a good career, women can take up a sorority letter of support.

It is the document that helps a woman in filling up the application in a particular sorority or a fraternity of women. There are some exceptional sororities that do not require the letter of recommendation, but they accept the letter which is to be written by the alumna of the particular sorority. Bringing on the new addition of the chapter in the life of a woman can be possible with such support.

What Is a Sorority Recommendation Letter?

This letter of recommendation is a little different from other scholarships or jobs. Under such a letter the sorority helps in experiencing the way of introducing oneself in a chapter.

Under such a letter, the part of your life is being highlighted along with the plan that can show your plan for the engagement in a sorority as a member. Even it carries information about how you uphold all the values along with expectations as a member.

The letter helps in covering all the themes, academic information as well as extracurricular activities with better grades.

This paper helps in distinguishing you from others. It is considered to be an introduction that does not guarantee additional opportunities with the chapter. The sorority recommendation letter sample can be of great help in case you wish to apprehend the letter in a better way.

This letter is an essential part of the recruitment procedure.

What Information Is Included in a Sorority Recommendation Letter?

The sorority recommendation letter must carry 4 to 5 para which adds up introduction and 2 to 3 para for the body and ending with a conclusion. If you are thinking about how to write a sorority recommendation letter, then follow the given detail below:

  • Introduction: In the introduction, you need to add on the author's name along with qualification, relationship with the potential member.
  • 1st Paragraph: Under this paragraph, candidate qualification is mentioned. Make sure that you even include certain things in the paragraph like hobbies, interests along academic accomplishments.
  • 2nd Paragraph: In this paragraph, a person is suggested to describe all the potential members along with their personality traits. It is even important to show that an applicant is quite friendly and values the place.
  • Conclusion: This paragraph should not be more than 2 to 4 lines. It should be like the ending lines of the entire content.

Who Will Need a Sorority Recommendation Letter?

It is required by all the woman applying in a specific sorority. But it is vital to keep certain things in mind:

  • The one who is writing for a sorority must be the alumna of that chapter. In case someone has attended the sororities that you want to apply to and even they are willing to vouch for the character, it can be the best idea.
  • In case you are not having a direct relationship with the alumna, but have friends, colleagues along with family, then one can reach the local alumnae.
  • One can even try to get in touch with the national officers of sororities for whom you wish to apply. But make sure that such a process is only used as the last resort.
  • An alumna can even write a convincing letter as it will help in bringing on the strength of the candidate who has applied.

So, do follow all the steps in order to get better guidance.


The only objective of this Sorority Recommendation Letter is that it helps in giving a platform to the woman who wishes to add a better objective to their life. On the other hand, this task might be considered difficult from the vision of the writer. So, in case of the requirement of any sample or support, you can refer to the Sorority Recommendation Letter to gather deep knowledge.

Keep in mind that the structure of the letter should be proper along with the word selection. Things should be managed in the form that you do not face an error in your letter.

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