Having a personal letter of recommendation when applying for a job is the best favor one could ask for. But are you the one writing a personal reference letter for your friend or family member?

Though it is easy to write one, you should follow the desired format to make it look professional and worthy. After all, you would not want to make your acquaintance lose a job offer due to your poor writing skills. To get an idea of how this is done, read ahead!

What Is A Personal Reference Letter?

A personal reference letter is a letter written by a person working in the same company the candidate is applying for. It may also be written to strengthen the applicant’s position if he applies to a community position, candidate of a club, association or house/ condo etc.

It acts as a recommendation letter that specifies the character and abilities of the person and much more. A personal recommendation letter is different from a professional recommendation. The latter is often accompanied by the former.

Use Cases Of Personal Reference Letter

There are various fields of occupation where a personal recommendation letter can be used. An applicant of a job may use a personal reference letter when he/she is devoid of any work experience, is a freshman, or when his previous employer may not write a positive reference.

Some of the cases where a recommendation letter template can be needed are:

  • Companies requesting a personal reference letter from co-workers
  • Companies when hiring managers require a personal recommendation letter
  • Used when making a big purchase like condominiums
  • Also used by lawyers for seeking admission into a bar council with a recommendation
  • Used by freshmen like high school students or college going students with no work experience to get a job
  • Used for seeking volunteering opportunities or receiving scholarships

These were some of the suitable use cases of personal reference letters. They can also be used in various other situations as per the need.

How to Write a Personal Reference Letter for a Friend?

Depending on the purpose, the length of a personal reference letter for a friend can vary. However, there is essential information that should necessarily be part of a personal recommendation letter. The letter should be honest and positive.

Here are the steps to follow to write a letter of recommendation for a friend:

Ask for information

Writing a personal reference letter for a friend means you should know the basic information like his education details, job description he/she is applying for and so on. If not, ask them for the information or his/her resume.

Be specific

Do mention why your friend is fit for the job by mentioning a few of their abilities that the job requires.

Provide your contact information

Do not forget to add your contact information at the end of the letter so that the employer can reach out to you if needed.

Follow the format

Your letter should start with the recipient’s name and address (if known), followed by the date, salutation, introduction of the letter, body, conclusion, and finally ending it with your contact information, name and signature.

Proofread and edit

Do not forget to proofread your letter once before sending to eliminate any grammatical errors and awkward sentences. The tone should be formal and sound polite.

How to Request a Personal Letter of Recommendation

If you are the one who wants to request a personal reference letter, here is how you should do so.

Know who to ask for the favor

Make sure the person you are asking knows how to write a letter of recommendation for friends. The person should also know well about you to provide an honest recommendation.

This person can be a family member, neighbor, friend, advisor, teacher, coach, pastor, business acquaintance, or even a volunteer leader.

Know when is the right time to ask for the favor

Make sure you ask them to write a personal letter of recommendation well before the time such that the person has sufficient time to write it.

You can choose to offer them your resume or personally update them about your life. Once they agree, make sure you inform them about the deadline by which the letter of reference should be written.

Details of job

Also, send them the details of the job you are applying for so that they can write accordingly by addressing the qualities you have that make you suitable for the job post.

Don’t forget to send them the thank you note at last for the favor.

You can also check out personal letters of recommendation samples and recommendation letter for friend templates at CocoDoc.

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