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An MBA degree is the core and vital part of a student’s life. But, getting into a good business school is not an easy task. In addition to a rigid application process, other important factors are considered for selecting a candidate. Among them, the chief requirement is an MBA recommendation letter.

An impressive, persuasive and well-written letter of recommendation for an MBA is the core part of the application. It must cover almost all the key elements of a candidate’s performance so that the acceptance letter goes right to them. Given below are some of the key aspects of a recommendation letter for the MBA program.

What Is an MBA Recommendation Letter?

In precise terms, a letter of recommendation for an MBA program is usually a one or two-page letter written by an authoritative person with whom a prospective candidate shares a professional relationship. However, this MBA recommendation letter can be issued by a company CEO, work supervisor, research supervisor. In maximum cases, a faculty member of the candidate usually writes the letter. Almost all letters of recommendation MBA include the character reference of the candidate and the reasons why the candidate is fit for the program.

The reason why most MBA programs require a letter of recommendation is that there is a need for several years’ work experience to be eligible for the program. Thus, in addition to classroom discussions, the letter highlights the candidate’s commitment to completing the program successfully. With a business school recommendation letter, the selection committee gets a comprehensive idea about why a candidate is an ideal fit for the program.

What Information Is Included in an MBA Recommendation Letter?

If one has a quick look at a sample MBA recommendation letter, you will see that the letter follows a very personal tone of writing throughout. That’s why a professional who has been in touch with the candidate’s work must write the letter. Additionally, the primary components of the letter should include the following:

1.Work Experience

While drafting an MBA letter of recommendation, it’s better to take a look at a business school recommendation letter sample. As a writer, you must talk about every leadership skill that the candidate has demonstrated during his tenure of work. For business purposes, communication skills play an important role. Thus, the writer must not forget to include the communication and analytical skills of the candidate.

2.Future Goals

An MBA recommendation letter sample remains valueless if it does not speak about the potential future goals of the candidate. In other words, it should highlight how his/her academic and work experience has shaped their future goals. If there is any course assignment that has brought a change in the candidate’s mindset, then it must have a clear mention.

Who Needs an MBA Recommendation Letter?

Any fresh graduate who is seeking to get into an MBA program in a reputed business school needs a recommendation letter. However, while asking for one, the candidate must keep in mind certain points.

  • You must have seen how an MBA letter of recommendation sample looks like. It does not matter how many letters of recommendation samples you collect from your faculty members or supervisors. What essentially matters is the quality of the letter. In other words, quality weighs more than quantity.
  • If you are seeking a letter of recommendation for an MBA from the manager, then make sure that he/she knows you well and can truly reflect your quality of work through his words. Also, the letter must include the candidate’s previous academic qualifications.
  • Most MBA recommendation letter examples follow a very formal tone of writing. Similarly, in your case, it should be nothing different. Reach out to someone who has a grasp over the formal writing tone.


Initially, you might feel that it is too much to digest, but don’t worry. You can always look up an MBA letter of recommendation template for further guidance.

As a candidate, read the letter at least thrice before making its final submission. For writers, ensure that the facts that you have stated are true to your knowledge. Abstain from writing any false or misleading information because it might affect the candidate’s chances of selection.

Rest, as much as possible, the letter of recommendation MBA must talk about the positive aspects of the candidate. Although the letter does not have any rigid structure, it must follow a proper one.

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