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Is your former tenant asking you for a landlord reference letter? Many landlords often ask for a landlord reference letter to get the confidence of the tenant. The landlord reference letter is a document for a former tenant seeking a letter of assurance to present to a new landlord. The landlord recommendation letter is familiar to individuals suffering from poor credit.

The best individual to write a landlord reference letter is usually a former landlord. The landlord reference letter should be created with instances of consistency and the tenant’s ability to maintain a good relationship with a landlord.

What Is a Landlord Reference Letter?

A landlord reference letter is a reference document for a former tenant seeking a recommendation letter of confidence to present to a new landlord. The statement that details what kind of experience it was leasing property to the tenant serves as a character reference for your tenant.

An excellent landlord recommendation letter will clearly outline why the former landlord provides the reference to the former tenant. The landlord drafting the landlord recommendation letter states the monthly rent, lease term, and any late payment occurrences in the letter.

When & Why Do I Need a Landlord Reference Letter?

When you are renting or leasing a new property, providing a landlord reference letter shall be a great way to show your former landlord’s confidence in you. The tenants should look for a landlord from whom they have rented property for a more extended period of time.

The reference letter serves as a reference to the tenant’s rental history, stating any violations or late rent payment during the course of the lease. The letter increases your chances of leasing a property and is a great way to know about the character beyond the lease payments.

What Will Be Included in a Landlord Reference Letter?

A landlord reference letter should not be lengthy and should fit one page. The letter should be presented with greetings, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and sign-off.

The introductory part should start with a formal salutation such as “ To whom it may concern.” If the individual knows who the reader will be, then include the reader’s name. The introduction should consist of the previous landlord’s name, tenant’s name, period of lease, monthly rent amount, and any late payment violation during the rental agreement.

The body paragraphs should cover all the potential rental information and the tenant’s character. The body paragraphs should be 3-4 sentences in length.

In conclusion, summarize your personal recommendation and end with a brief closing statement. Also include a formal sign-off, signature, date, and contact information.


Look at our sample landlord reference letter for ideas or download one of our landlord reference letter templates. We offer different landlord reference letter samples to make your referencing process so easy and straightforward.

Use landlord reference letter pdf editor to modify your reference letter for the tenant to increase the chances for leasing a property.

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