Recommendation Letter for Internship

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For most students and fresh graduates, internships come in very handy when they want to apply for bigger job positions. This is because, at the end of every internship, the employee gets a certificate, in addition to the internship recommendation letter.

This Intern Letter of a recommendation reflects on the candidate’s overall performance during the tenure. The intern head usually writes the letter to showcase how the candidate has brought value to the company.

Therefore, every intern must ask for his/her Letter of Recommendation for the Internship from their mentors. Interestingly, one’s selection in any big company often depends on this letter.

What Is a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

In clear and precise terms, a recommendation letter is an internship reference letter that the Managing Director/Intern Head or mentor writes out to his/her interns.

It has the potential of defining one’s success in the future. However, the document is not only limited to companies and agencies. Most colleges and universities offer internship opportunities to their students. In that case, the document can also be a Recommendation Letter for an Internship from the professor.

The only thing to remember is that one does not easily get this letter unless he/she asks for it. The reason why an expert or professional is authorized to issue a Letter of Recommendation is that he/she has the right experience to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the employee.

Remember that you should not demean the value of a recommendation letter because the words written on it carry a lot of weight. In fact, your future recruiter will always like to hear something about you from a professional.

What Information Is Included in a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

A recommendation letter for an internship is a testimony for your future recruiter to show that you have done an actual and proper internship. The letter holds a tremendous advantage over any other document because it includes a lot of minute details.

1.Skills And Talents

For example, an internship recommendation letter sample must primarily highlight the basic skills and talents of the candidate. Unlike a CV (Curriculum Vitae), the letter speaks about you via an expert.


If you have a look at some sample letters of recommendation for an internship, you will see that most of them include certain specifics about the candidate including his/her accomplishments. In other words, there is room for special recognition.

3.True Identity

Don’t get confused, but an internship letter of a recommendation reflects the true identity of a person. For example, it mentions the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate from a professional viewpoint. Sometimes, it might also include special examples to illustrate the overall qualifications.

Who Need a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

A letter of recommendation for an internship is needed by every employee upon fulfilling their tenure. One simply cannot leave an internship mid-way and ask for a recommendation letter just to make a fool out of him.

He/she must meet the terms and conditions of that internship to be eligible for a letter of recommendation internship. All you need to do is keep certain points in mind before asking for it.

  • You might have worked under a lot of people but that does not mean you can ask for a letter from all of them or randomly anyone. Make sure that you reach out to someone who has a positive opinion about you.
  • Never advise your mentor on how to write a letter of recommendation for an internship because he/she knows their job well. Ask for the letter politely and let them write what they want.
  • Do not forget to give your basic background information because this makes their task a lot easier. Who knows, they might also include this point in the recommendation letter!


The underlying embodiment of a recommendation letter for an internship is that it reflects an employer’s positive aspects of workmanship. Don’t get confused if you see that a sample letter of recommendation for an internship follows a rigid structure.

Keep in mind that there is no hard and fast structure for the letter, though it has a general structure. Also, always submit a formal request to issue the letter. It never works well when you verbally ask someone for it.

A well-written letter of recommendation intern will always remain a boon for prospective candidates. Just ensure that you ask for one every time you intern with a reputed company.

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