Joining the military is still a dream for the youth. While competitive exams are held every year for selecting the right candidates, they are not the only end.

In addition to exams and other physical tests, a candidate’s selection also depends on the military letter of recommendations. However, like other recommendation letters, not everyone is authorized to issue military letters of recommendation.

A military academy that provides training to the candidates can only provide these letters. In another case, senior military personnel can also write this letter for a candidate if he has been in touch with his/her work.

What Is an Army Letter of Recommendation?

A military recommendation letter is a distinctive letter that increases the chances for a candidate to get selected in any of the military forces like army, navy, etc.

However, a letter of recommendation for military enlistment is not only limited to selection purposes. It might also be needed for requesting a military award or medal. In that case, it showcases whether the candidate is suitable for that award or not.

The main motive of a letter of recommendation army is to vouch for a candidate’s suitability for rigorous military training.

Therefore, most military academies usually issue this letter to highlight the potentials of the candidate in greater detail. Sometimes, military letters of recommendation come in handy for seeking promotion in the army, navy or maybe a military training academy.

It foregrounds the obvious reasons as to why the candidate deserves the consideration. In some cases, an army letter of recommendation can also come in handy for the selection committees to break ties between potential candidates.

What Information Is Included in an Army Letter of Recommendation?

Most military letter formats follow a rigid structure and similarly, a military letter of recommendation template includes everything from salutations to contact details.

  • The letter must include an appropriate salutation. This is important because it will show to whom the letter is addressed. In maximum cases, it starts with ‘Dear Admission Committee’ because most letters of recommendation army are intended for admission purposes.
  • Further, it should show how and why the candidate is known to the issuer. The issuing authority must include key points about the candidate that makes him/her stand out from the rest. They must talk about his/her overall performance during the training period. The letter also acts as a military character reference letter.
  • Lastly, there should be proper contact details of the candidate and the issuing authority. This will point out that the candidate is serious about the position. Sometimes, the admission committee might also like to gain some extra information. In that case, a telephone number or e-mail address would serve their needs.

Who Needs an Army Letter of Recommendation?

Every military trainee needs a military letter of recommendation. But, when you ask for one, you must keep in mind certain important points.

  • Your chances of getting recruited will become higher if your recommendation letter is written by high-ranking officers. For instance, you can ask a Captain, Major, Commander or Admiral to write one for you.
  • Make sure that you reach out to someone who knows you well and can judge your character accordingly. If you reach out to someone who has never been acquainted with your work, then it might be a bad choice.
  • An air force letter of recommendation should provide accurate shreds of evidence to the candidate’s eligibility regarding the offered post. Also, do not submit too many letters because that does not create a good impression.
  • To be eligible for a navy letter of recommendation, you must see to it that you fulfill the integrity demands of your training. Further, do not ask for one from officers who are corrupted.


The sole objective of letters of recommendation military is to verify the skills and achievements of the candidate so that he/she makes the best fit for the position or program.

As a writer, this job is a heavy task because you must be sure about what you are writing and whether it is true or not. In this case, the best thing to do is to refer to military recommendation letter samples for an in-depth idea.

Further, a candidate gets an upper hand for getting selected if his/her character bears some personal testimony through the letter. Other than that, there should be a proper choice of words to reflect the candidate’s prowess.

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