Letters of Recommendation for Medical School

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Medicine is an intensely competitive profession, but above the academic background of the applicant, medical school letters of recommendation will be a determining factor in whether or not they will be accepted to a medical school.

Recommendation letters for medical students from medical school are a major part of the request process. These are intended to provide to admission committees an external, impartial assessment of the suitability for a profession of medicine.

What Is a Medical School Letter of Recommendation?

The letter of recommendation for medical school is a text submitted in favor of the student's application for enrolment in a medical school. Ideally, the people recommending the applicant would characterize them as best suited to a career as a healthcare professional.

Each medical school has its own set of guidelines and letter-securing formats, so it is necessary to study the particular schools to which it applies to learn how to write and apply your letter. To support each applicant's application, the majority of medical schools would need at least three letters from undergraduate teachers.

How Can I Fill a Medical School Letter of Recommendation?

A medical school letter of recommendation should complete at least one page (usually 400 to 600 words) with an outline, up to four corporal sections and a conclusion. When mail or fax is sent, a regular letterhead should also be used.

Using detailed examples and anecdotes that demonstrate the special characteristics that a student would like to highlight when writing medical school recommendation letters on behalf of a student. It is a good means of demonstrating that the candidate's success is deserving of notice compared with other students or the average class.

Your letter should characterize the patient not only as a medical school but also as a physician, as possessing the necessary attributes. The competitive benefit of your letter would be the success of your applicant, ensuring that your letter is as detailed, specified and as careful as possible.


If you send your letter by fax or mail or if the school of medicine needs a letterhead you can have the following details at the top of this page:

  • Date of Writing
  • Full Name
  • Title
  • School/Business Name
  • Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Preferred Contact (optional)


You should provide a very brief introduction to your message. You must write an earlier greeting, provide the advice, present yourself and your place and briefly present the person you recommend. In this section, you can also explain how and for how long you know the candidate.

Candidate relationship:

Once you have completed your introduction, start with a description of your interest in the student, his classroom success and provide one or two unique anecdotes or examples to help your evaluation. If you did not in your introduction, you could also indicate the amount of time that you knew the student. You should use 1 or 2 paragraphs for this part of your message.

Attributes of the candidate:

This part of the letter would build on the previous subsections by explaining more in-depth the qualities of the recipient, making them an excellent choice for medical school and a medical career.

Use objective proof (grades, etc...) to justify the suggestion, and use personal examples and anecdotes again (performance, willingness to work with peers). The Committee for Admissions should be confident, after reading your message, that your candidate is prepared to face medical school challenges.


To conclude, you should reaffirm your recommendation, invite further correspondence and end the signature.

Why Do I Need a Medical School Letter of Recommendation?

Medical School Letter of Recommendation is a LOR that provides an external view on the personality, success and devotion of an individual to studies of all the documents presented during the admission process. Here are the top two reasons why you would need a medical school letter of recommendation:

It is validated by the curriculum vitae, either academic or technical:

Universities also turn to your letters to validate all of your accomplishments in your summary. In addition, they act as positive evidence of the work in a college, as official letterheads are also used to require LORs. (See Faculty's Letter of Recommendation Format and Supervisor's Letter of Recommendation Format).

The document also highlights your skills and improvement areas

The majority of form-based LORs (specific questions that the recommenders must answer) contain a relevant topic – the weaknesses and areas of improvement of the applicant. We must not tell how an SOP or an admission essay always focuses on your strong points and clears you from the negative aspects of the submission.

For example, the emphasis will be the topics, but not exactly where you failed. It is normally advisable for a recommender to have such information to provide an impartial opinion about the nomination, which makes it all the more relevant for a candidate to choose his/her recommender with extra caution.

Not simply that, when you ask an instructor/supervisor to compose the most critical suggestion note for you, the student should consider what should be included in your LOR.

Samples of Medical Letter of Recommendation

Medical school recommendation letter Sample 1:

Dear Committee of Admission,

(Student name) was a talented and hardworking student/team member during his/her year at (college name) Place. At XYZ Location, voluntary work is primarily clerical. He will communicate with patients and health providers over the time I have known Michael. I can see distinctly in him the characteristics of an outstanding doctor. It is just by listening to the signs that he knows and listens to every conference, he can detect an illness. He has established and is on the road to achieving concrete targets for the future.

Recommendation Letter for Medical School Sample 2:

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am happy to write on behalf of (student name- here taken as James) this letter of recommendation. At the University of X, I'm a professor of biology. As I enrolled in my biology class Introduction, I first saw James two years ago. Though James could stand out like a standout pupil, the class had 200 students. He did not reach the top ratings and earned a final B+ degree, but he did impressively perform and determined.

In the mid-and finishing examinations, James ranked in the top of the globe curve and was consistently among the top 5% of students. In summer, James was selected for his outstanding grades and durability to be a mentor for the Intro course in biology. James went beyond his mentor position and arranged several group sessions for those in need of additional assistance, free of charge. As a community leader and peer coach, he showed professionalism.

In the next two years, James went forward in his biological research and asked me to be his main consultant. I accepted gladly. James was a lover of the whole analysis team. He spent many hours in the laboratory and was not disappointed if tests were not well conducted.

James was interested in both scientific and health science. I think James is going to be a wonderful clinical and academic doctor. "James was an enthusiastic participant in the class," said Professor Y, who teaches advanced physiology.

I recommend James without any restriction for admission to the medical school. In my 30 years of a professorship at the University of X, James is one of the top 5 percent of students.

It would be an excellent complement to every school of medicine. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email me.

To be honest,

Prof. X.

Bottom Lines:

A letter of recommendation for medical students from medical schools may play an important role in obtaining acceptance, and so a recommender should be able to write in favor of an applicant. If the nominee doesn't know the adviser well and wants him/her to write his/her letter it is prudent that the adviser refuses to say no is better than to support someone unworthy. In the letter of advice, the recommender should be secure in writing.

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